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        • CNC Tube Bender

          CNC Tube Bender

        • Semi-auto  Tube Bender


          Tube Bender 

        • End-forming  Machine



        • End-forming  Machine

          Cutting Machine

        CNC pipe bender is a digitally controlled pipe bender with automatic feeding and pipe transfer. This series of equipment is subdivided into: single-layer mold pipe bender, multi-layer mold pipe bender, left-right common pipe bender, oil electric hybrid and all electric pipe bender. A variety of models have been developed for different bending conditions, which can meet the production and processing needs of various industries.
        The semi-automatic pipe bender is applicable to the processing of small batches or simple shapes of pipes. This series of equipment is widely used in various pipe bending processing industries with its economical price and convenient use.
        管端成型機包括了縮管機、鐓頭機、搓齒機、旋錐機等The tube end forming machine includes tube shrinking machine, heading machine, tooth rubbing machine, cone spinning machine and other equipment. It is used for processing and forming the end of pipe fittings by expanding, shrinking, screwing cone, upsetting bar, sizing, sealing, chamfering and other processes.
        Pipe cutting machine series equipment includes automatic pipe cutting machine, semi-automatic pipe cutting machine and laser pipe cutting machine. It is used for cutting various metal materials, such as seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe and other non-ferrous metal pipe fittings and profiles.



        • HEAN Concept

          We are committed to providing customers with high-performance pipe forming equipment. The reliability and ease of use of the equipment is our continuous pursuit and surpassing goal.

        • We attach importance to iterative updating of Technology

          We have gathered first-class electrical control and mechanical engineering personnel in the industry. Our excellent professional technology enables our equipment to be continuously and rapidly updated, and always maintain a better mechanical structure, smoother operation and simpler operation interface in the industry, so as to bring you higher market competitiveness.

        • We attach great importance to pre-sales service

          We do not expect to serve you for the purpose of promoting sales, but to recommend appropriate equipment or overall solutions for you through the analysis and evaluation of process feasibility, production efficiency, qualification rate, maintenance and consumables before sales. So that you can more intuitively evaluate the economic benefits of the project.

        • More real and fast service response

          The flat internal structure makes the transmission of work information more efficient and accurate, so that you can get the information you want to know more quickly, including price, delivery date, use, maintenance and other aspects.

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